Heyoooo. It’s Heberto Moreno, the editor. BUT NOT FOR LONG.

That’s my favorite “quitting” joke so far.

I’m writing this as a very short, very quick farewell. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been editing things for a while. However, the last year has been the time when I’ve most frequently been editing others.

I once wrote a post talking about how the only way to get better at writing is to sit down and write. I remember many of my teammates told me that sounded kind of obvious and dumb, and I understand why. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that you can’t become great at anything without doing it a lot, since doing things is tiring and we’d rather look at TikToks all day (I know I do).

Watching someone grow is the most fulfilling thing I have experienced as a part of the blog. In one of the first posts we published (I think it was Jimmy’s. That’s Angel del Castillo.) I had to correct a whole bunch of things. A lot of commas were supposed to be periods, for example. The structure of the post overall left a lot to be desired. Jimmy’s last post as a member of the company sincerely wowed me. He had acquired such a grasp of the language and his own way of creating structure. I barely had any work to do. Thankfully, he wasn’t the only one to do this! Everyone I edited got better over time, and watching that has been amazing.

Here’s something I’ll remember about each of the writers in the blog

  • Kevin’s way of making me laugh with his posts from the first line. He’s a very funny person and I loved pitching and coming up with new ideas for his posts.
  • Jess’s warm and welcoming accompaniments to her own learning process, and how her posts were always thematic and accompanied by cute emojis.
  • Daniel’s strong voice of experience. His unwavering desire to share with everyone how growth is a basic part of everyone’s life (work or otherwise). I had a lot of fun editing his posts and he saved us from having post-less weeks more than once.
  • Luis Toxtli’s love of research and cross-disciplinary knowledge. In his writings I could always feel that he yearned to prove himself as part of the software industry, coming from the social sciences. I think he has proven himself beyond reproach.
  • Jimmy’s expertise and desire to share his professional path with others, so that they could take it too. I remember his react guides always left me with new and fresh knowledge.
  • Eduardo’s personal illustrations! We used some of them for our SEO and I’m glad that the blog has an identity crafted by one of the people who loved it the most.
  • Wong’s writing paralleled her own journey a lot. She had a way of making us witness the insights she had gotten and helping us improve our way of looking at things.
  • Rox’s last entry almost made me cry. She had grown so much insight of the abilities she had acquired, and the insight was beautifully written and masterfully structured.

Also, I want to give a special shoutout to those who were involved in the blog briefly or who helped us get it up and running. Diego, Memo, Denisse, Fer Brito, Christian, Héctor, Robert, Chacón, Shaman, Aispuro, El Niño and Bisa. I hope I’m not forgetting anyone. If I’m forgetting you, I’m not! I’m just emotional. Sorry.

Finally but not by far the least important, I want to give a thanks to Jesus Lizárraga. He was the one who asked me to join the blog, and we worked as a team to keep it up both as a website and as a project. He always had my back and I always tried to have his, and our friendship is real and tangible. I could write an entire entry about how cool he is, or how dedicated he is, or how much he has helped me both personally and professionally, and I am very happy that he will continue to be involved with this project we both worked very hard for.

I’m very happy that Rox has stepped up to continue editing our entries here. You’re in good hands. I’ve said good bye too many times by now, so I’ll try to make this the last time. Here goes.