There are moments and words that make a huge impact in our life perspective and future decisions. I want to focus on two specific words that have changed my life as well as many others around the world; regardless of what language they speak or the country they live in. Those words are “hello world”. Some of you already know what I mean, and for those who don’t, I will try to explain.

I’m a programmer, and the world of programming reached many of us in different ways. Perhaps we did it because technology caught our attention (sci-fi, money..) or because it was a family tradition. Whatever the reason was for you, or what it will be in the future, the world of programming is not for everyone. Fortunately there’s a starting point on any programming language you pick that allows you to identify if this world will fit in your near future. At least, it will catch your attention with its possibilities. That starting point is a single goal: To make a screen show some signs of life by saying hello to the world.

To achieve that goal you will have to follow several steps: learn a certain vocabulary and grammar, set up an environment, interpret error signals, learn from your own mistakes, seek help and understand the logic of cause and effect. Finally, if you succeed, you will see those magical words light up your screen. It’s at that moment, exactly at that point, that you discover your vocation; When you look back and see all that previous work and that effort becomes tangible and it’s f*cking worth it. If I could describe the feeling when reading those words, I think it would be that for a little moment, you are the f*cking king of the world!

Excuse my outburst in the previous paragraph.

Maybe this did not excite you as much as it does to me. Maybe every step you took to reach that goal was torture. However, believe it or not, you were left with much more new knowledge than you can imagine. Let’s recap a few points:

  • Learning vocabulary and grammar: To communicate, you need to learn to speak the language.
  • Setting up an environment: Nothing can flourish without having prepared the way.
  • Interpreting error signals: There will always be signals to know where we need to improve. Sometimes they can be painfully obvious. Sometimes, not so much.
  • Seeking help: StackOverflow is just an example. Seek help and you will find it.
  • Understanding the logic of cause and effect: From my point of view, this is the most important. If you reached this point in your life, it is because the decisions you have made have led you to this moment. So make the decisions you need to get closer to where you want to go.

Deep, isn’t it?

Programming is definitely a complex activity. It’s more than just 1s and 0s. I encourage you, the reader, to take this path and discover something about yourself. During this journey and with a little luck, perhaps a new Maniak will emerge.

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