Amid the spread of Covid-19, office workers have been cornered to look for alternative ways to keep working as effectively as if we were in our office spaces. This has presented a challenge to many of us who are not used to working from our homes. This is why we want to bring you these tips that help us maniaks make the best out of this situation. Of course, all of this depends on you. Here we give you some recommendations that have had a positive impact on us. So we hope this post helps you boost your productivity working from home, and who knows? Maybe you even like it more than going to the office!

  • The first step is to find a place for your office. Aim for the quietest, emptiest room and stay away from the one with the most distractions. Avoid working in your bedroom or in the room where you might have a gaming console because it will make it very easy to get distracted. Find the place in your home where you could work for the longest time possible, without interruptions.

  • The next step is establishing a routine and sticking to it. Human beings crave normalcy. Having a set time for each thing will help you to measure the day more accurately, and distribute your activities in a healthy way. It also gives your brain something to hold on to in the middle of all this uncertainty. One example could be waking up at 7 o’clock, taking a shower at 7:15, having breakfast at 8:00, starting work at 8:30, and so on!

  • Take active breaks, move your body, do quick exercises like stretching, push-ups, sit-ups, or something like this that fits you. This is very healthy. Some of the benefits of taking active breaks are the following:

    • They help us to keep our brain active and awake
    • Improves job performance
    • Decreases risk of occupational disease
    • Promotes the ability to concentrate
    • Stimulates and promotes blood circulation
    • Reduces stress.
  • Our last tip is to separate your environments. What does this mean? Your office is now in your house, so don't mix your job activities with home activities. When you are working, try not to do activities that are not related to your job. This can affect your performance and concentration. Also if you live with your family or have roommates, let them know when you are working, you aren't on vacation nor available at working hours. Make your work schedule very clear while doing home office. A very helpful tip is to get some noise-canceling headphones and use them while working. Also, let your family or roommates know that you don’t want to be disturbed while you have your headphones on.

We hope you enjoy and implement these tips so you can be more productive and comfortable while working from home. We know this is a huge challenge when doing it for the first time, especially for longer periods; but we’re sure that with practice, you will become a Home Office Maniak. Stay safe!