Software’s industry is in constant change, and a company that’s not open to transformation will struggle to keep itself competitive. Aware of this reality we have set a new mission for ourselves: to constantly experiment and innovate in order to raise our clients’ satisfaction and also making the company’s value grow.

We’re looking to promote and encourage new knowledge acquisition. We know we have the capacity and potential to achieve great things and we’re going to take some time to get there. Maniak time is our initiative for perfecting our abilities and to grow as professionals.

Each Friday from to 12 to 6 PT we reunite to create, to imagine the future of our industry and to take the first steps for its realization. We want better products and more efficiency, and everything starts with this time that allows our creativity fly.

It’s all about leaving our confort zone and coming out of the box, experimenting with new technologies and applying them on our day to day problems. Maniak opens its time, but also its doors to our community with social projects that seek to give an answer to our society’s problems.

Thanks for reading us. Until next time with our next great idea.