The first impressions, as well as the first words we hear, have a great impact on us. They mark us, and we continue from there.

Talking a little about myself, I have a technical background. I graduated as an Electronics and Communications technician and obtained the title of Engineer in Embedded Systems. My professional career started with short term jobs like working as part of Help Desk teams in multinational companies and providing support in assembly lines. This went on for a while, until I came to a small company where I had the opportunity to start from the bottom, designing PCB, and programming embedded electronics. In that company, my job led me to do everything. And I really need to emphasize the word "everything". We were a small company and if you wanted things to get done, you had to leave your comfort area. This is how I extended my administrative tasks until I was at a point where I had visibility and involvement in almost all of the areas that impacted projects: billing, support, purchases ... Later, I learned that this is known as Project Management: the art of taking a project from the words and needs of the client to the coordination of the engineering team and some other departments, to finally concluding it with the best client feedback in the world: “Awesome, it works as I imagined”.

Many of us have been in the unemployment situation. Well, that happened to me. The company had to close operations, and I had to get a new job.  You might understand the romanticism of wanting to find something similar to your last gig but that also pays the bills. If you have been there, you will also understand the despair of seeing how your savings are disappearing and your employment expectations are lowering. Well, it went like that for a couple of years. I passed from one job to another, the next always stranger than the last one: real estate agent, mail server administrator, technology consultant for penitentiary systems, administrator of bank lock operations, trainer for opening vaults and safes, warehouse manager... Until I found Maniak.

I applied for a PM position, and if I have to be honest, I feared and mistrusted myself. I felt rusty after not working as a PM for a long time. However, from the first day I entered, I felt welcomed. The friendly atmosphere and creative freedom you find in each area make you feel like you're welcome.

Every day I have been a Maniak, the team has encouraged me to be creative; even in the administrative and operational areas. Working here is a constant reminder that you can improve daily and mistakes are something not to be afraid of, but to learn from. Jesus Lizarraga says it well,Becoming a Maniak is not easy. It takes time.” I would just add what I think is the secret Maniak ingredient: resilience.

All the effort, creativity, and continuous adaptation to the task that software implies, sooner or later, yields both professional and personal fruit. If you can remain stoic and deal with the paradigm shifts during the process, you will find yourself a Maniak. So, remember, no matter where you come from, what you have done and what you have experienced in previous workplaces, if you fit within these characteristics, you are welcome!