Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a young child that had the dream of creating something bigger than himself. Something that transcended time and space and would be talked about and celebrated for many years to come.

As time passed and he came of age, he realized his dream was not a dream anymore but something tangible, attainable and within his reach. However as it is with most things in life that are worth fighting for, it would take time, a lot of effort, and also a team. A team composed of the most peculiar characters, all with incredible abilities and talents, willing to battle for days, months, years.

Some of them would sacrifice themselves for the good of the group, and some of them would just die.

Thus a new fellowship was formed: a fellowship that celebrates talent, independence, self-worth, charisma, and respect for one another. The fellowship would be known in the lands of the north and south as the most relentless team; a team no one would like to face in battle, as they would always end up victorious. A group of fierce warriors with a focus so sharp that it cuts through the hardest of metals, and a mind so keen that it could solve even the most difficult problems.

The fellowship was later known as The Maniaks. Some say they have long disappeared and their stories are only tales of ancient times, but some say their spirit still lives today in the hearts and minds of the young.

I’ve always wanted to write something that could add a bit of flair and spice to our story, and what better time than our Tenth anniversary; or as Apple would say Maniak X. It’s been a long way in the making, but I’m more than proud to be leading a company that has been around for a decade and, today more than ever, shows no sign of stopping.

My engineering background does not allow me to believe in luck or destiny. Everything happens because there was an action that triggered it, and finding a divine meaning or logic to how life works is out of the question. However, sometimes I wonder how we came to be, how we ended up with such a great group of people and how all of our mistakes and successes led us to this exact moment.

Maniak is a company that was founded by Christian Dominguez ten years ago, a very stubborn individual that was not particularly good at engineering and was not particularly good at design. Nonetheless, he decided to create a company around those disciplines. Why? He had a desire to create. To fill a void. To inspire.

I remember vividly meeting him in the room of a house no larger than 4 square meters (43 sq feet for our non-metric friends) thinking to myself: "is this the Maniak I’ve heard so much about?". It was just a room with 3 people, but after 10 minutes of talking, I felt the need to be a part of it. I was not entirely sure what it was, but it felt like home. For me, it was always hard to feel like I belonged. Like I could be myself in a place and no one would judge the weird aspects of my personality.

At that time in my life, Maniak felt like home. After that, the company went through a lot of ups and downs. We focused on hardware, electronics, marketing, and social media. Small clients, big clients, clients in México, USA, and Europe. All of that change helped us clear our minds and understand what we wanted to accomplish. A lot of great people were an angular stone in that journey and our paths have diverged, but they will always be a part of our story.

Looking back at everything we have accomplished, all I can feel is gratefulness. I’m grateful for the group of people I get to work and share my life with every day. I know it sounds like a cliché, but they are my family. I have established a deep friendship and each one of them brings a special spice to the dish.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with great clients, and even though we do not get along all the time, we keep creating cool products and enjoying the process. Now, looking to the future, I’m excited. We are at a point where there are no obstacles. We are a mature group of professionals that know what we want and as in the story, in the beginning, all we need is time and effort and I’m sure we can achieve whatever comes to our mind.

Thanks again to all of the past, present, and future Maniaks. Feel proud of yourself as it’s not easy to accomplish what you have done.

Cheers for our tenth anniversary, and here’s looking to the future.

Hector García