I know you’re wondering: “What bullshit is this man going to say about skills? It’s just another post about self-motivation and another way to see life.” I know in the world there are a bunch of articles talking about the skills that you need to have to get a job, to do a specific task or to change your lifestyle. Maybe in those articles people would tell you tips of how you can deal with a situation, like: “You need to keep pushing yourself until you get what you want” or “You need to be patient in order to get what you want”. You could apply any of these two examples, and they would probably give you positive results. However, how do you know if the tip you read is the correct one for your specific situation? How do you know if the ability that they are mentioning in their article matches with you? It could be said that the ability to discern the most helpful direction to take is more important than the direction itself. I know, it sounds awesome and when you apply this skill, it’s almost like magic. What, I hear you say, is this skill called? Well, here you go: ADAPTATION

In my opinion, the best skill you can have in your bag of skills is adaptation. The definition of adaptation for me is: “The ability to change in order to take advantage of an uncomfortable situation.” Here’s the reason why I think this is the best one: If you have the ability to adapt yourself to any situation you will change the balance to your favor. You will be comfortable with it and you’ll not suffer in those circumstances.

One quick example is the COVID-19 pandemic that took the world by surprise this year. Right now, there are people who are suffering from this situation. They are suffering because they can’t see their friends, their family, or simply because they’re tired of being in their homes. But there’s a group of people who have adapted themselves to this situation and they’re taking advantage of it. For example: schools have learned that there’s a way to educate people without being in a classroom. Some businesses have found a way to be available for people in a digital way. The body of the infected people adapt itself and survive the attack of the virus. People have adapted themselves to this very uncomfortable situation and have grown with it. If you apply the adaptation skill to your life you will have the possibility to grow in any aspect, even if you don’t know how to start at the beginning.

There is, of course, one very important example for adaptation. I’m talking about nature. Nature is continuously changing. Rocks change their forms. The sea changes its direction. Lands appear from nowhere. All these changes that nature goes through are all part of its adaptation process. It needs to change in order to provide everything to the living beings that cohabit with it. The same happens with humans. When a family has a baby, from the second the baby is awake until the moment she decides to sleep, all the family adapts their schedule in order to never leave the baby alone. The parents change everything: their work schedule, their lunch times and their sleeping times. The grandparents change too, because they want to be with this new member of the family all the time. The brothers now spend all the free time to take care of the baby. And that’s the first adaptation process of many that the family will do in order to give the baby everything she needs to grow up. We need to be in constant change to adapt ourselves to different situations that happen in life.

I’ll end with this: If you work on applying the adaptation skill to yourself you’ll be happier, complete and satisfied with almost everything in your life; and when I say everything I mean everything: your body, your face, your job, your relationships, family, economy, etc. You’ll know the exact formula to follow in order to embrace the challenges that life throws your way and come up with a solid response and with a better version of yourself.