Today in 1810, Father (yes, he was a priest) Hidalgo called for Mexico’s Independence from Spain. Don’t confuse it with “Cinco de Mayo”. This is actually funny because in the USA it seems that a lot of people think that this is Mexico’s Independence Day. Here in Mexico it is important, but not nearly as important as September 15: our actual Independence Day.

The blog posts’ team (better known as the Blogavengers) wanted to prepare something special for this week’s post, something about Mexico.

September 16, Mexico's Independence Day

I don’t know when this started, but long ago there was a misconception that we, as Mexicans, were not as skilled as people from different countries. For example, I remember as a kid when we used to go shopping at the mall, when my mom saw a label with the legend “Hecho en México” (Made in Mexico), she would tell me that it was low quality. She would look for “Made in USA” products, because, she said, those were better. As I grew up, I thought this was an outdated way of thinking, but it isn’t.

Most Mexicans have a set of soft skills that our culture, society and lifestyle have made us develop. And some of us have not realized the power of those skills. Those are our most valuable set of assets as professionists, that if used correctly, can turn us into very valuable team players.

Our favorite one, the Mexican Wit (Creativity)

If you google “Ingenio Mexicano” (Mexican Wit), you are going to find a lot of super funny memes about creative solutions that random people have come up with to solve a specific problem. It is a very common term in Mexico. But normally the solution is an alternative to something more expensive that already exists. And as the saying goes: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. I don’t know if this is the only reason, but I know from experience that most Mexicans don’t give up easily when facing a problem. Let me give you a perfect example for this. There was one Mexican film-producer, he was given a “budget” to film this great movie, but there was a complicated scene that needed to be filmed underwater. It was crazy expensive to adapt their current set to those shots’ needs. He and his team looked for olympic pools to film there, but couldn’t get the necessary permissions. So one day he was walking on the stage and noticed 4 big steel beams, and he thought: we will build our pool here. And they did, they built their pool using only some sheets of plywood and silicone. This person is Guillermo del Toro, Mexican Oscars’ winner for Best Director and Best Picture. That is a great story, if you want to hear it yourself and more about how “The Shape of Water” was made with a $19.3 million budget you can watch the full YouTube video (and maybe practice your spanish skills) here. In that video he says that they used “mexicanadas” or “solución mexicana” (Mexican solutions) to make the movie with that tight budget. Guillermo del Toro is not the only creative one out there, there is also Alfonso Cuarón (the first Mexico-born filmmaker to win the Academy Award for Best Director in 2013 and 2018), or writers Laura Esquivel or Octavio Paz, and many more creative people that are not famous but are equally great.

Guillermo del Toro in the production of "The Shape of Water"

Hard Workers

Normally Mexicans are hard workers. When I grew up it was normal for me to see my parents working until late at night, often on the weekends as well. They were great laborers and they taught me that the only way to achieve my dreams was to work hard through life. The majority of my friends are in the same situation. Do you want some examples? Great athletes like the pugilist Canelo Alvarez, multiple world championship winner in four different weight classes. He is a true hard worker. He is always training, no matter the day of the week or the weather. He is an avid learner as well, constantly looking for what to learn next. Another example is the first ever female athlete from Mexico to win an Olympic gold medal: Soraya Jimenez. She achieved this with hard work and consistency.

Canelo Alvarez. Mexican Athlete

Good Networks

We really like to hangout with people and make friends. But most importantly, we like helping our friends. That results in lots of connections and discoveries. Your iPhone 13 got broken? I have a friend that can help you (or a friend of a friend). Want to train your dog? I must have met a trainer at a party, we can arrange a meeting for that. With a discount added. Want a group to go biking? I had a neighbour that had a bike that looked pro. He should have a group of friends that would be happy to take you. Want to build a website for your business? I know 50+ talented Mexicans that can blow your mind. Thanks to this, there are great entrepreneurs in Mexico, like Carlos Slim, ranked the richest person in the world by Forbes magazine from 2010 to 2013. Or Pamela Valdes, CEO & Cofounder of She was a member of the acclaimed Forbes list 30 under 30. She also raised $7 million dollars from investors for Surely because of her connections and abilities to manage people's talents.

These are only a few reasons why you should consider having a Mexican on your team, partner with a “Made in Mexico” company, or maybe just have a conversation with a Mexican to hear a different point of view for the problem that has been bothering you. You won’t regret it. And if you are from Mexico, trust your skills, and know that where you grew up has already given you valuable assets that are hard to find somewhere else. And go buy “Made in Mexico” stuff, it is usually great, just like us!

Made in Mexico stamp

One last tip that we hope you use: stick to your Mexicans friends and dare to find out what a great party is like. You might get a huge hangover, but you will also be worthy of a great Michelada and Torta Ahogada. Wonder what is it like? I have a guy for you,his name is Mario, hit us up on our Instagram account and we will get you his contact.

Cheers, and ¡Viva México Cabrones!